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About ShineDove
What is ShineDove and what makes it different?
ShineDove is online jewelry store. It is different because we are providing you most unique and extremely beautiful designs from India. We assure you enjoy your shopping

Where are you from?
We are in Rajahmundry from Andhrapradesh. 

From where your jewellery made? 
Almost all our jewellery is made in India.

If I can't find the piece I wanted on the site anymore. Can I still order it? 
Yes, U can Contact our Customer Care team and they will try and make it available for you. It might be able to happen when discontinue of certain pieces or relocate it on some other page. 

Are you offering any additional discounts? 
No, we are not offering any additional discounts. Of course all our prices are lower than other stores. We are offerening or products without any extra costs.

Are You Providing Free Home Delivery? 
Yes, we are offerings free Home Delivery in India.

How Much Time Will you Take for delivery your Products? 
Time taken for delivery your products purely depends on our residential address and on the selected product. The products that are ready for shipping are delivered within 2-7 days. The products that are yet to ready are delivered to your address within 2-15 days. For any queries please make a call to our customer Care team at 1800-300-20-324(Toll free). Please note that the days mentioned don’t include Sundays and festival holidays. 

In what way the Delivery is done? 
We are processing your Delivery through Couriers like APL. Please check if availability of delivery is there are not to your pin code. If there is no courier service available to your area we are apologize you for the inconvenience caused by us.

Is my product is safely packed? 
Your Product is safe and is delivered in durable, tamper-proof packing that we are sure the contents remain intact and your jewellery is fully insured till it reaches your doorstep. We are working with well established courier services like APL. Please do not accept any package that has been tampered with. 

Is my product safe in transit? 
Yes, your product is absolutely safe and insured until it reaches your doorstep. After placing my order can I change my shipping address? Weather your product is not ready for delivery; you can change the shipping address. For any help please contact our Customer Care team at 1800-300-20-324(Toll free). The products that are ready for dispatch can be reshipped it to your new address as soon as the product is returned back to us. 

Are you providing international shipping/Orders? 
No, we are not providing any international shipping/orders. 

Customer Care

For any help you contact our 'Customer Care' team at 1800-300-20-324(Toll free)

Returns and Exchanges 

Can you tell about Money Back Policy? 
Our Money back Policy for 30 Days. We take your products without asking any question within 30 days only. If you want to return your product for any reason, we accept the products that are in Original condition and with certificates that we have provided along with the product.

When I return the product within 30 days, are you within hold some shipping charges? 
No, we don’t within hold any shipping charges. We return all your money that you have paid. 

Are there any shipping charges applicable when I return back product to u? 
No, there are no shipping charges applicable. We are providing free return back facility. 

In what way I can return the product to ShineDove within 30days?

  • You have to Contact our customer Care team at 1800-300-20-324(Toll free) 
  • When we receive your request we will arrange pick up from our side, But you have to Place your jewellery along with original packing materials and certificates in the package. It is important that once package is sealed, it cannot be reopened. 
  • When your package is ready, contact our customer Care team and then we send you a courier to pick the package from you.
  • Maybe in some locations return shipping is not possible by our courier partners. In that case we will provide you our nearest location of our partners where you can give your package of ShineDove jewellery. 

For returning your product you don’t have to pay any shipping charges. But if in any case you have charged. Send us copy of the receipt. We are happy to refund that to your ShineDove account. 

When your item is received by ShineDove, your refund or new item will be processed.

Exchange Policy means?
Lifetime Exchange policy is offered for all purchases made from ShineDove. When there is any problem in your product along with gemstones and Diamonds, you can return your product for current value of all materials and a minimum deduction in melting and costs for recovery. 

This deduction is based on the current value of diamonds, gemstones and gold prices that are on our website. If any gift vouchers or discounts are provided when you have purchased this product, then we deduct the free gift value whenever applicable. Otherwise you can choose to return your gift vouchers.

5%-10% of this amount is subjected to a minimum of Rs. 500-1000.So 500-1000 will be deducted towards melting and recovery costs. This is done by per product basis, when you are returning multiple products.

we are giving you a voucher for that value which is valid for 12 months and it can be used to purchase anything form us except gold coins. Note that this voucher cannot be changed in to cash. 


How can I know if a diamond is genuine? 
No you cannot find out if a diamond is genuine or not. You need special equipment to test a diamond. 
Don’t try to test the diamond like scratching diamond and heating etc... This may damage diamond. 

What are the shapes that give me the greatest value for my money? 
Round brilliant diamond is by far the most popular shape.70% of all diamonds cut into this shape because is the only perfectly symmetrical cut that reflects light equally from within its facets. However, Choice of shape depends on what type of hand and on diamonds colour and clarity.

What is the structure of a diamond? 

  1. Facet: any of the flat "sides" of the diamond.
  2. Table: On a brilliant cut stone...the top octagonal facet 
  3. Girdle: The typically frosty white ring at the widest part.
  4. Culet: The bottom point (actually a facet) on a brilliant cut stone.
  5. Pavilion: The portion of the stone below the girdle.
  6. Crown: The portion of the stone above the girdle.
  7. Diameter: Width of the diamond as measured thru the girdle. 
  8. Fire: The quality of the diamond that breaks reflected light into a colourful array. 
  9. Depth: Height of Gemstone from Culet to Table. 
  10. Brilliance: The quality of the diamond that reflects light without changing it (also called sparkle). 
  11. Fluorescence: The characteristic of some diamonds to fluoresce certain colours under some light. 
  12. Natural: Usually found on the girdle. A small section was on the side of the raw diamond. It appears as a slightly rough flat spot on the girdle.
  13. Feather: A “crack” in a diamond, appears as a white feather within the stone.
What are the "four C's" relating to diamond quality?
The four C's are Carat (weight), Colour, Clarity and Cut of the stone.

1. Carat: The weight of the stone, referred to in points in case of small stones.
  • 1 carat is 1/5 of a gram or 200 milligrams. 
  • There are 100 points to a carat. 
  • A 75 point stone is .75 carat.
"Carats" represent the weight and not the physical size of the stone. Example, 1 carat diamond is physically larger than a 1 carat ruby since ruby is denser than diamond. 

2. Colour:Colour is usually undesirable in diamonds. Typically ratings will be alphabetical with the earlier letters of the alphabet having less colour. AGS has a similar 0-10 scale.
  • D, E and F - "Colourless"
  • G, H, I & J - "near colourless"
  • K, L and M - faint yellow or "top silver"
  • N to Z - very light or “light yellow”
  • Z+ - grades are considered "fancy yellow"
Most stones you will find will be in the E-F to the J-K range. 

3. Clarity: You will typically find ratings such as this:
FL 0 Flawless
IF 1 Internally Flawless
VVS1 1 Very, Very slightly included
VVS2 2 VVS1 to a less perfect degree
VS1 3 Very slightly included
VS2 4 VS1 to a less perfect degree
SI1 5 Slightly included
SI2 6 SI1 to a less perfect degree
I1 7-8 Included
I2 8-9 I1 to a less perfect degree
I3 9-10 Severely Included











Clarity Gives information about natural flaws and inclusions in the diamond. 

Inclusions are imperfections within the stone. Inclusions range from bits of carbon (black spots) to slight cracks (called "feathers") within the stone. VVS1 to SI2 represent inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye. 

4. Cut: All diamonds are cut. The resultant dimensions of the cut stones vary. All dimensions are given as a percentage of the width at the girdle. There are a few accepted ideal cuts, which have all of the proportions within a few percentage points of an optimum mathematical model. This optimum model returns maximum light through the top of the stone, resulting in maximum brilliance. 

Diamond Colour

The grade of colour refers to the absence of any colour in the diamond. High quality and chemically pure diamonds have no hue, just like a drop of water. The degree of colourlessness is measured by comparing stones with master set of stones of established colour value under controlled lighting and precise viewing conditions. Colour distinctions are usually subtle and invisible to the naked untrained eye but when visible is the colour of Pale Yellow. Experts suggest that human eye picks up the brilliance (cut) first and colour second.

The standard colouring system scale devised by the GIA starts with the letter D which represents colourless and continues, with increasing presence of colour, to the letter Z. 

Diamond Cut

A Diamond cut is a style or design guide used when shaping a diamond for polishing such as the brilliant cut. Cut does not refer shape, but the symmetry, proportioning and polish of a diamond. The cut of a diamond greatly affects diamonds brilliance; this means if it is cut poorly, it will be luminous.

The most popular of a Diamond cut is the modern round brilliant, which facet arrangements and proportions have been perfected by both mathematical and empirical analysis. 

D – E – F: Colourless

The highest colour grade that can be credited to a diamond is D. It denotes that the stone is completely colourless and such diamonds are extremely rare and demand the highest prices. Diamonds with colour grades D-E-F are classified under the colourless category even though there are some differences between them. These variations can only be detected by a gemmologist and usually go unnoticed by the untrained eye. We recommend that such diamonds are set in white gold or platinum as yellow gold reflects colour negating the colourless appearance of the diamond.

G-H-I-J: Near Colourless

These diamonds are tabled as nearly colourless since they give away a slight hint of colour. Once mounted; they tend to be of excellent value in a diamond with little or no noticeable colour to the unaided eye. Within this range, the price tends to increase about 10-20% between each diamond grade.

K-L-M: Faint Yellow or Faint Brown

Starting from K, the pale yellow hue in the Diamond starts to get more noticeable to the naked eye. Set in yellow gold, the overall appearance of the jewellery is quite appealing to some buyers. Due to its obvious colour tint, these diamonds are often found at half the price of a diamond of colour grade 'G'. If the colourlessness of a diamond isn’t a priority, diamonds in this range turn out to be an excellent bargain.

N – R: Very Light Yellow or Very Light Brown and S – Z: Light Yellow or Light Brown

Diamonds in these ranges give away an obvious tint of yellow and range from faint yellow to light yellow with every grade. For most, these diamonds have too much colour when compared to the colourless diamonds. If you go further down the scale, the colours become more yellow and finally brown.

In case of any questions, please feel free to reach us on our  number 1800-300-20-324(Toll free) or send us an email at myself@shinedove.com

Shallow cut:

Although a shallow cut diamond will create the illusion of a larger stone, it allows light to escape out the sides instead of reflecting off the top, creating a lack of Brilliance and sparkle.

Ideal cut:

If you’re seeking a high quality diamond that beautifully reflects light, this is the cut for you. This premier cut style is well-proportioned and carefully angled to achieve a luminous appearance.

Deep cut:This type of cut poorly reflects light, resulting in a dull, muted appearance. A diamond that is cut too deep will look smaller compared to diamonds in the same carat size range with ideal depths.

Cut grades devised by GIA are as follows

Excellent Cut: Maximum fire and Brilliance. Reflects nearly all light that enters the diamond, creating exceptional sparkle and light.

Very Good Cut: Appears very similar to excellent cut, for a lower price.

Good Cut: Reflects majority of light that enters. A good value compared to a very good cut.

Fair Cut: Still a quality diamond, but a fair cut will not be as brilliant as a good cut.

Poor Cut: Poor cut diamond escapes almost all the light entered through sides or bottom.

Is it important that I buy a diamond that is accompanied by a certificate?
Yes it is important to buy a diamond that is certified by recognized authorities like GIA. Certificate gives you information about the diamonds purity. When you want to resale your diamond certificate is important that enhances value of money.

Is all your diamond jewellery is accompanied with a certificate?
Yes, all Diamonds used in making our jewellery are certified and conflict free. The diamond certification depends up on the size and the quantity of Diamonds used in that item.

Are the Shapes and cut are same?
No, they are different. A Diamonds cut greatly effects its brilliance. Shape refers to the basic external outline. Round, Oval, Square, triangle, Heart, marquise, and pear are all shapes.

What is the most important C in the choice of a diamond? Color or Clarity?
Color and clarity are two of the most important diamond quality characteristics. Diamond color is graded on a letter scale, with the top grade being D indicating a perfectly colorless Diamond. The lower a diamond’s color grade, the more tinted the stone looks. Diamonds whose color is graded K or lower have a slight yellow coloring, which becomes more noticeable the lower you go down the color scale.

Clarity refers to how many internal flaws (inclusions) and surface imperfections a diamond has and how visible they are under magnification or with the naked eye. The lower a stones clarity grade, the more likely you are to see imperfections such as black spots or lines within the diamond.

Can you tell me how to identify a poor cut?
Yes. Well, you can identify if a stone is poorly cut by looking for the following:

  1. A white circle resembling a donut in the face-up view of a diamond. It occurs when the pavilion is too shallow and the girdle is reflected out.
  2. Obvious dark spots/centers when viewed face-up. These indicate that the pavilion was cut too deep.
  3. Extremely thick girdles reduce the brilliance and make the stone look small for its weight.
  4. A girdle of uneven thickness (for reasons other than geometry) around the stone. One good way to see how well a stone is cut is to view it straight down on the table. The table and the four corners form a "square shape". On well-cut stones, the sides of the square will bow in "slightly". Sides that bow out are not ideal. A slight inward bowing may be tough to detect, so consider a seemingly perfect square to be a decent cut. Severely bowed in squares are also undesirable.

Which are the most popular fancy colours in diamonds?
Fancy colored diamonds are called Z+ diamonds. These Z+ diamonds are the rare hence the most expensive and are more expensive than D s. Yellow and pink diamonds are the most commonly used than fancy colors, and most likely will continue to be for years to come. Increased demand for orange, blue, and green coloured diamonds. As they are rare in nature, supplies are limited, and demand can increase price.

How can I customize my own Design?
Please Contact our Customer Care team and they will help you. You can customize your own design.

Can I get the jewellery in a different gemstone or metal not offered on ShineDove?
Yes, you can get the jewellery as you like for that you have to make a call to our customer Care team and they will help you.

Are the diamonds sold on your website conflict free?
Yes, all the diamonds used by us in making jewellery are conflict free.

Can I select Pendants along with Chain?
We are not providing chains for pendants, u have select separately. Pendants in pedants section and chains in chains section. For any help you can our customer Care team at 1800-300-20-324(Toll free).

Can I order a ring in a size that isn't offered on the site?
Yes, u can order and send your ring size by emailing us.

What if I don't know the ring size?
We have Ring size panel attached to that link. For any help please contact our customer Care team at 1800-300-20-324(Toll free).

In what way Packing will be?
Your selected jewellery is packed in a most unique ShineDove gift boxes.

If I lost my jewellery certificate, can I get a duplicate copy?
Yes, u can get a duplicate certificate copy for an amount of Rs 400. We give you a duplicate copy.

How can I resize my ring?
If ring ordered by you is not fit to you. We will surely replace your ring with another ring in new size with free shipping. If you want a bigger size ring then you will be charged with an additional amount. If you want a smaller ring we will refund your additional money when you place your initial order. This is possible within 30days from shipping date.

Are your prices lower than a local jewellery store?
Yes, all our prices are lower than others. We are offering our products without any extra costs.

A Diamond solitaire is a single diamond set alone in a distinctive setting that showcases the stone.

You Choose from our exclusive collection of jewellery and accessories, and create moments that will last a lifetime!

Certified Solitaires
Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and International Gemological Institute (IGI) are certifying our exclusive collection of solitaires in various shapes and sizes.

No Third Men
No middle are involved, we are avoiding your additional costs on purchasing our product.

Making an online purchase

How can I place an order on online?
You have to follow these very simple steps for placing your order

      ► Select your desired piece of Jewellery and "Add to your Shopping Pouch'

      ►Click on 'Final Checkout' if you have finalized your order, or else you can 'Continue Shopping'

      ► enter your Email Address and Name on the final Checkout Screen and proceed for Billing and Shipping.

      ► enter your shipping details and continue to the Payment Options.

      ►Select you’re Mode of Payment and Place your order.

    ►You will receive an order of confirmation email to the e-mail and message to your number you provided while placing your order.
How to place my order through phone?
You can browse our designs on our website and order your desired design by phone. Our customer Care representative would help you place the order. Please contact them at 1800-300-20-324(Toll free).

Will I get an order confirmation?
Yes. Your order confirmation will be sent to the e-mail and a message to your mobile number that you have provided while placing your order.

How can I track my order after it has been shipped?
To track your order you have to login to your ShineDove account and check Order History section.

Can I cancel my order?
Yes, please contact our Customer Care team at 1800-300-20-324(Toll free) to cancel your order.


How can I make payment when I purchased through ShineDove?
We are offerening you a multiple ways to make payment for your selected product. We accept all credit/Debit cards, Net Banking and cash on Delivery.
We secure your credit/Debit card details confidentially. We are using SSL encryption technology to protect your card details.

Are there any hidden costs for any purchase?
No, the price that is displayed when you select the product is the only final price for that product. No additional charges taken from you.

Are prices on ShineDove subject to change?
Yes prices on ShineDove are subject to Change without any notice.

How can I pay using credit/Debit card and is it safe?
Yes, it is safe you will have to give your key 16-digit Credit/Debit Card number and 3 digits CVV Code (Card Verification Value - on the back of the card) and completes your payment.
We secure your credit/Debit card details confidentially. We are using SSL encryption technology to protect your card details.

How long will it take to get refunds, if any?
Please mail or call our customer Care team and tell your bank account and IFSC code which is printed on your cheque book. As soon as we receive your jewellery refund amount is credited in your Bank account.

What is Cash on Delivery (CoD)?
It is one of our payment methods. When your selected jewellery comes to you by our courier partner’s u can pay for that product in cash.

In what way Cash on Delivery work?
When you place your through shineDove.com, In payment methods you can see cash on delivery option. Enter your pin code to see CoD availability.

Is there any additional charge for the CoD shipment?
There are no additional charges for cash on delivery.

After Purchase Questions

Do you match prices if an item I purchased goes down in price later?
No, we don’t match prices. All our changing prices are based on value of metals and gemstones we use.

Can I return back the ring I ordered is doesn’t fit to my finger?
Yes, you can return back your ring for resizing within 30 days from the delivery date. If incase the design doesn’t admit resizing we will provide you new ring without any charge or if the admits resizing, we resize your ring with a small charge.

What if there is a problem with my purchase?
If any problem occurs we will repair it for free of cost and we bear shipping charges. If you are not fully satisfied with that product, you can return it back within 30 days, (30 days money back policy).

Can I take a ring to my local jeweler to have it resize?
Yes u can, but we don’t accept the products that have been repaired by someone else and for those products 30 days money back policy and life time exchange policy are not applicable.


30 day money back policy*

Our Money back Policy for 30 Days. We take your products without asking any question within 30 days only. If you want to return your product for any reason, we accept the products that are in Original condition and with certificates that we have provided along with the product.

Are there any shipping charges applicable when I return back product to u?
No, there are no shipping charges applicable. We are providing free return back facility.

Transit Insurance

All products from our ShineDove are fully secured until they are delivered to you.

What is Bespoke Service?

By this service you can change you own ideas into real jewellery of our own choice. For any details about this you can contact our customer Care team at 1800-300-20-324(Toll free) 

Bespoke Design

Creative Designs made by you…

We are offering you a great opportunity to give life to your own ideas and create fabulous jewellery. For this you have to Share your views and ideas to our customer Care Team.

Drop files here to upload

Or you Can mail you ideas at myself@shinedove.com .


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