• Lifetime Exchange policy is offered for all purchases made from Shine Dove.
  • When there is any problem in your product along with gemstones and Diamonds, you can return your product for current value of all materials and a minimum deduction in melting and costs for recovery.
  • This deduction is based on the current value of diamonds, gemstones and gold prices that are on our website.
  • If any gift vouchers or discounts are provided when you have purchased this product, then we deduct the free gift value whenever applicable. Otherwise you can choose to return your gift vouchers.
  • 5%-10% of this amount is subjected to a minimum of Rs. 500-1000.So 500-1000 will be deducted towards melting and recovery costs.
  • This is done by per product basis, when you are returning multiple products. We are giving you a voucher for that value which is valid for 12 months and it can be used to purchase anything form us except gold coins.
  • Note that this voucher cannot be changed in to cash.
  • Return of any product after 30 days comes under lifetime exchange policy.
  • After returning the product you buy a new product of your choice.
  • Return the product along with the original certificates provided by us.
  • If incase you can cannot return back original certificates the jewelry will be send to our labs for recertification. Certification cost is borne by the customer only.
  • The refund will be credited in your account as soon as the product reaches to us.
  • If any discounts or coupons are used during purchase of the product, that amount is reduced from refund amount.
  • This offer is applicable only to undamaged jewelry that is accompanied by original diamond certificate and Bills.